Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'll look out for you
Until the day I die, or I rot
Even then, I will

Push my way to the 
surface, and hope I find you
I am here again.

Don't worry, I sill
Have your picture in my coat.
Bugs ate the corners

Why don't you believe,
That joe pressed against the glass
Smearing blood all over?

I was bitten here
In the car where Joe grabbed me
and pulled me closer

I thought he wanted
To tell me a secret that
Only he would know

Instead he put his
Mouth to my neck, and bit down
As hard as he could

I said, "get off Joe."
"You're hurting me," face bloody
He got off, I cried.

Time is running out
Joe moved a little too fast.
Now he has my heart.

In his hands, it beats
I can't feel anything now
A rush consumes me.

I am feeling numb
With a hole in my chest, bare
Wanting love and brains



Can zombies climb trees?
Firefighters aren't sure.
The Cat is done for.

Ominous music
Silhouettes moving in smoke
Thriller dancing scene

I brush the dirt off
Vines wrapped around my ribs
Pull them from the root

I see you dressed up
I pick the flower off me
My cage opens wide

Bones fall to the ground
My no longer beating heart
Hangs on by a vain

I reach out to you
Flower in hand, heart falls out
You can have that too.