Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'll look out for you
Until the day I die, or I rot
Even then, I will

Push my way to the 
surface, and hope I find you
I am here again.

Don't worry, I sill
Have your picture in my coat.
Bugs ate the corners

Why don't you believe,
That joe pressed against the glass
Smearing blood all over?

I was bitten here
In the car where Joe grabbed me
and pulled me closer

I thought he wanted
To tell me a secret that
Only he would know

Instead he put his
Mouth to my neck, and bit down
As hard as he could

I said, "get off Joe."
"You're hurting me," face bloody
He got off, I cried.

Time is running out
Joe moved a little too fast.
Now he has my heart.

In his hands, it beats
I can't feel anything now
A rush consumes me.

I am feeling numb
With a hole in my chest, bare
Wanting love and brains



Can zombies climb trees?
Firefighters aren't sure.
The Cat is done for.

Ominous music
Silhouettes moving in smoke
Thriller dancing scene

I brush the dirt off
Vines wrapped around my ribs
Pull them from the root

I see you dressed up
I pick the flower off me
My cage opens wide

Bones fall to the ground
My no longer beating heart
Hangs on by a vain

I reach out to you
Flower in hand, heart falls out
You can have that too.


Monday, December 15, 2008


1. Finger Drums (Why didn't they think of this earlier?)

2. German Expressionist Photography

3. Making bowls out of scratched records

4. Zombie Musicals featuring the sounds of Reel Karma (Link will be posted later)

5. Orange Juice (with pulp)


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


From "Poems of depressing frustration:"

I am dislexic and high on drugs
I am innocent and full of love
deception and despair
without them
i am without care
i have a reason
allthought i am unsure
i think its my season
i think its a cure

Purple Cow Poem

knock knock
who are you
knock knock
what are you doing
i can't understand
who are you
what are you man
i am my dreams
and so it would seem
i think i am glad
i think i have had
a good deal
a great day
being a cow
i have to graze
the grass is purple
and so you will know
i am the purple cow
you will know where i go


I have a phd
i study something different
i study philosophy
i study the way you study me
so what is my name
and what will i change
does it matter
is it true
i've been told a lie
its my fault
is it my fault
i trusted you

All of the above were written by someone named "aaron," who runs the site WWW.NEW NAVY.U$ and who feels extremely passionate about nuclear submarines, cheese, Jesus, the Moon, and myriad others. Here's his "12 step recovery program:"
  1. get out of the navy (any possible way, multiple links from this site)
  2. lie to people for personal advancement (you are only offsetting what others have done for you)
  3. buy a computer
  4. install dreamweaver mx
  5. build a web site
  6. make anti navy t shirts
  7. advertise
  8. eat cheese
  9. buy mace
  10. challenge broken system
  11. repair broken system
  12. run for office
"rape kill murder and pillage, EAT DONUTS <--- notice these are not part of my program" Amen. Fortunately, poetry is part of all of our programs.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Nightmare #5 IT'S MY BIRTHDAY

...and I'll cry if I want to.
This is Ronald McDonald. The mascot for McDonald's. He is supposed to encourage kids to eat healthy (fast food=sooo healthy) and is probably a registered sex offender. 

This is the clown from the show Supernatural. It kills a little girl's parents. That is a legitimate reason to run for your life.

This is Pennywise from the film IT. IT transforms into your greatest fear. Now he's going to eat you. 

"We all float down here." 

Seriously, what are you trying to do to little kids?