Tuesday, November 11, 2008


In case you didn't know, my mom, one Stephanie Lurie, now works at Hyperion Books, Disney's official book publishing house. According to her, there are LCD screens mounted on every wall, each one playing WALL-E in a constant loop. Employees must take mandatory vacations to Disney World every few months and get through the doors for free. Also, the reanimated corpse of Disney himself serves them gold-encrusted Bambi steak on a plate made of Jew bones, as old Walt would have wanted.

But—oh-ho!—that is not all, dear blog reader! Indeed, there is more than meets the eye:
These scans recently popped up in a Japanese hobby magazine. My hope is that it's not a toy, but a fully-functional truck. Or at least a fully-functional mouse.

In case that's not cool enough for you:
That's my mom!

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Soren said...

Your mother works for Hyperion? So does SHERMAN ALEXIE. You must brainwash your mother and convince her, upon her next encounter with said shitty author, to go into a rage, plunge her fist into his chest and rip out his still-beating un-literary heart. Thank you.