Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Featured band All time Low says, "Don't worry. Bee happy."

Theme: Bands I've seen live and singing songs about forgetting your problems and living for the moment. All the while Matt will liveblog and I'll make up Zombie Haiku on air. (Zombie Haiku= related because they are alive again)

Why you should listen: First of all, why not? Second, because I said so. Third, it will make you dance and not want to go to sleep.

Also, due to global warming, the sun's rays aren't hitting your lovely faces as much, thus triggering beginning stages of SAD** So be happy: you're alive.
**based on false scientific information Erica just made up


Caitlin M said...

I don't want seasonal affective disorder. Could we all become zombies because we will all be SADists?

WtMwA said...

Yes We Can!